Passing Phrase -

Nishmah Hegyoni

Literally: It sounds rational
Idiomatically: Makes sense

In Hebrew you cannot have an inanimate noun doing an action as in the word "sense" but you can in English. So in Hebrew, the phrase comes out as "Nishmah hegyoni" or "Nireh hegyoni" or simply "hegyoni." We find the word "hegayon" in Lamentations (3:62) and the Talmud (Brachot 28b). It makes sense that the study of logic is called "chochmat hahegayon." The root is "hagah" (hey-gimel-hey) (ה'ג'ה') meaning to study or think deeply (Psalms 63:5).

חבר שלי היה עייף אחרי החופש שלו אז הוא לקח עוד אחד- נשמה הגיוני לא?

"Hachaver sheli haya ayef acharei hachofesh shelo, az hu lakach od achad – nishma hegyoni, lo?"

My friend was tired after taking a vacation so he took another - sounds rational, no?

Me too - me too!

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