Passing Phrase -

Orech Ruach

Literally: Extended spirit
Idiomatically: Patience

"Orech /Aroch" means length or long and can be found in Job (11:9) .When we want to wish someone long life you would wish them "arichut yamim" or "chayim aruchim" (Talmud Yoma 71a). The phrase itself stems from Ecclesiastes (7:8): "Tov Orech Ruach Migbah Ruach" - The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit. The meaning is similar to "savlanut" which also means patience, but many commentators see this phrase as referring to someone who is slow to anger (Rashi /Metzudat David). The idea of taking a deep breath before you react to something is well known .This is the opposite of a phrase we explained in the past, "Kotzer Ruach." My yoga teacher tells me:

אם אתה נושם עמוק אתה מוריד לחץ ותחיה חיים ארוכים יותר

"Im ata noshem amok ata morid lachatz vetichyeh chaim arukim yoter"

If you breathe deeply, you reduce your stress and will have a longer life.


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