Passing Phrase -


Literally: As an alternative
Idiomatically: Instead

First of all before you ask, it is as I wrote it and not "LEchilufin," which is a common mistake. "Chiluf" is usually understood as an exchange based on the word root "chet-lamed-pei" which means to pass (Song of Songs 2:11). The meaning closest to us can be found in Genesis (41:14) and in the Talmud (Demai 3:5) meaning to change.

אפשר לגור בדירה גדולה או לחלופין בבית קטן. אם הכסף שיש לך

"Im hakesef sheyesh lecha efshar lagur bedirah gedolah o lechalufin babayit katan"

With the money you have, you can live in a large apartment or instead in a small house

Of course a third alternative is to continue to live with your parents and save all that money.

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