Passing Phrase -

Sam Nafsho Bechapo

Literally: Put his soul in his hands
Idiomatically: Put himself in danger / Take his life in his hands

The phrase stems from the prophets (Samuel I 19:5 / Judges 12:3). In Samuel, it is written regarding David and his battle against the Philistines. The word "nefesh" is usually translated as soul, but it also means spirit or life (Genesis 1:30). When one puts his life in his hands, he is literally willing to pass it over, to give it up for a (hopefully) greater cause.

הוא ראה זקנה חוצה באמצע הכביש, שם נפשו בכפו, ורדף אחריה בתוך התנועה.

"Hu raah zekeina chotzah ba'emtza hakvish, sam nafsho be'chapo, veradaf achareha betoch ha'tenuah."

He saw an old woman crossing in middle of the street, put his life in danger, and ran after her into the traffic.

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