Passing Phrase -

Derisat regel

Literally: Foot step
Idiomatically: Gaining a foothold

This phrase is Talmudic in origin (Eruvin 6:9) and shows up when discussing two courtyards, one within the other, and the restrictions of a right of way. The word "daras" (Daled-Resh-Samech) is similar to the word "darach," to step on, but it can also have a harsher meaning as in to trample or run over. Today, the word is used far too often to denote a serious accident, as in "Hamechonit darsah" In our phrase we are referring to something more in line with business or politics. "HaChevrah chipess drisat regel bamizrach" - The company was looking for a foothold in the East. Considering what I have heard about trying to cross streets in India or Thailand, you should probably be careful ("lo lehidares") and not to get your foot run over by an aggressive motorcyclist.

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