Passing Phrase -

Morat ruach

Literally:Bitterness of spirit
Idiomatically: discontent /dissatisfaction

Isaac and Rebecca are upset about the way Esau is living his life. The Bible uses the phrase "Morat Ruach" (Genesis 26:35) to describe their feelings. "Morat" comes from מרה "marah" or "marar," meaning bitterness (Proverbs 27:7). Yes it is also related to "Maror," the bitter herb which we eat on Pessach. When your mind is bitter you are definitely discontent and then some.

הוא החליט לעזוב את לימודיו למורת רוחה של משפחתו.

”Hu hichlit la'azov et limudav lemorat rucha shel mishpachto.” He dropped out of school much to the dissatisfaction of his family. And for those of you who think a "Morat Ruach" is a teacher full of wind, or even a teacher of meteorology - forget it.

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