Passing Phrase -

Lalechet Batelem - Leyasher Kav

Literally: To straighten a line
Idiomatically: To fall into line / To straighten things out

"Leyasher Kav" is a modern phrase based on the word "yashar" which means straight (Proverbs 14:12) and "kav" meaning a line (Isaiah 44:13). "Lalechet Batelem" is similar in meaning, "telem" being a (straight) furrow (Psalms 65:11). In English and Hebrew it refers to moving people or ideas into one direction. Anyone who has been in the military is familiar with his sergeant yelling "Teyasher et hakav!" – straighten that line!

יש חברות שמסרבות ליישר קו עם ההנחיות החדשות

"Yesh chevrot shemesarvot leyasher kav im hahanchayot hachadashot" - There are several companies who have refused to fall into line with the new guidelines. Their army service was probably a long time ago.

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