Passing Phrase -

Moog lev

Literally: Soft heart/weak heart
Idiomatically: Coward /Faint hearted

The word moog is considered a negative word and the phrase even more so, yet in actuality Moog means to melt or soften (Psalms 46:7). Yet calling someone soft hearted isn’t the same as a coward. When you say halev shelo hitmogeg you would be saying his heart melted with is usually positive. Although the disparaging usage of moog lev to mean a coward is more common today, we do find a such a reference to it in the bible (Ezekiel 21:20). One quaint modern literary usage would be - איש לא קורא לפיטר פן מוג לב בלי להיענש "Ish lo kore lePeter Pan moog lev beli Lehaianaish". No one calls Peter Pan a coward without being punished.. Ok so I have lots of grand kids who love Peter Pan - Happy thoughts anyone?

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