Passing Phrase -

Beraish Gelei

Literally: An open head
Idiomatically: Publicly / in the open

The phrase is Aramaic and could be translated into Hebrew as "Berosh galui." The phrase can be found in the Aramaic translation Onkelos (c. 35120 CE) of the word "Beyad ramah" (Exodus 14:8 ). "Yad rama" could be translatedliterally as an upraised arm. The term is figurative, meaning that the Israelites left Egypt openly/triumphantly with banners and flags. So where does the open head come in? As in "Yad rama," we need to look at this phrase figuratively. A high, lifted, uncovered head is proud to be seen. The opposite of this is "Chafui rosh" (Esther 6:12). Today the phrase refers to something that is done in the public eye without any hesitation "Galui" to all. Facebook and Twitter just make it easier ask any politician!

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