Passing Phrase -

Hafach LeUvdah Kayemet

Literally and Idiomatically: Became an established fact

The word "Uvdah" is Aramaic for fact (Baba Metzia 49a), and its plural is "Uvdot." "Kayemet" stems from the word "kayam," which can mean among other things, established or existing. We may be familiar with a famous password given to relay when there was a new moon (Rosh Hashnah 25a), "David melech yisrael chai v’kayam," - David the king of Israel is alive and exists. Today, the phase is used in a more practical form: Shopkeepers downtown had pushed the government to ban cars and create a pedestrian mall.

החוק שאוסר רכבים במרכז העיר הפך לעובדה קיימת לפני שנה

"Hachock sheOser rechavim bemarcaz hair hafach leuvda kayemet lifnei shana." The law for banning traffic downtown became an established fact a year ago.- Of course now the businesses are complaining about the fact that they have fewer customers.

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