Passing Phrase -

Nediv Lev

Literally and Idiomatically: Generous of heart

This beautiful turn of a phrase (Exodus 35:22) means so much more than just "Nediv" or "Chanan" (Exodus 33:19). It is as if one's entire heart is generous. As an interesting aside the word "Nediv" or "Nadiv" can also mean noble (Samuel I 2:8). What is the connection between them? The word generosity comes from the French word genereux, meaning "of noble birth" and only later in time came to denote "unselfish and giving.” While it may be true that someone born to the "nobility" (whatever that means) has a certain responsibility to others who may be less "fortunate." The truth is that being "noble" clearly comes not from birth, but from what one does with one’s life.

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