Passing Phrase -

Yatza Menekudat Hanacha

Literally: Starting from an assumed point
Idiomatically: A premise

This phrase does not have any Biblical precedent to my knowledge, but it is used very often today. A "nekuda" (Jerusalem Talmud Shabbat 6:4) is a point and can have various meanings ranging from a Hebrew vowel to a mathematical symbol to a place on a map. "Lehaniach" means to place something. As such the word hanacha can mean laying something down in a certain place (Klayim 8:8), or an opinion/ idea (Moreh Nevuvchim 1:73). When you combine them you get a starting point for an assumption or theory. "Hu yatza menekudat hahanacha shezeh oleh 250 shekel" - He began with the premise that it cost 250 NIS. But he probably will be in for an unpleasant surprise.

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