Passing Phrase -

Lakach et Kol Hakupah

Literally: Took the whole cashbox
Idiomatically: Won the jackpot / Very successful

This thoroughly modern phrase is used with a smile or sometimes with a twinge of jealously. "Kupah," as we have noted in other phrases, means a box or place that you store items of worth. When you say that someone "lakach et kol hakupah," you aren’t referring to a thief, but rather to someone who really lucked out. "Hu avad shalosh shanim kashot al hatochnah, aval besof machar oto L’Intel, velakach et kol hakupah" - He worked on the program for 3 hard years but in the end sold it to Intel and was very successful. Now that goes into the list of what I should have bought a stock in, another was some eyeglass company with the name of Goggle or maybe I spelled it wrong…

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