Passing Phrase -

Avar Leseder Hayom

Literally: Returned to the daily order
Idiomatically: "Back to normal", to ignore or disregard

In the Talmud this phrase is used to describe someone who refrained from reacting to a negative experience (Yoma 1:3). In modern usage the phrase can be positive or negative . Itís an uplifting phrase when used to describe one who refrains from getting dragged into an argument. But on the other hand , "Hachadashot ba-olam diveach al hatevach beAfrica, aval acharei zman katzar, avar leseder hayom." - The world press reported the massacre in Africa but shortly afterwards ignored it. You can use a slightly different version of this phrase in the question "Ma al seder hayom?" what is on the agenda (of a meeting). This way you can know when to take a quick nap.

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