Passing Phrase -

Al Lo davar

Literally: On no thing
Idiomatically: It's nothing; don't mention it

This phrase is first used by the Medieval commentator, Rashi about the section on Avimelech's asking why he should get zapped for taking Sarah (Genesis 20:4). How would it be used today? Your friend calls you up at one in the morning. "Eli - do me a favor. I forgot my wallet in your car - please bring it with you tomorrow to work. You get to the car and can't find the wallet.

After a 20-minute search you find it behind the seat. By now you're late, so you speed to make up the time, get caught and fined. You then enter your office building and meet your boss who looks at his watch shaking his head. Upset, you rush to your office, and the phone is ringing. In your haste, you knock over your cup of coffee all over your desk and keyboard. It's your friend. "Did you bring the wallet?" "Yes." "Thanks!" "Al lo davar." Hmph.

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