Passing Phrase -

Ha'yatush Shel Titus

Literally: Titus' Mosquito
Idiomatically: Something that can drive you nuts, obsessed with

This is not a common expression, but I really like how history can influence language. The word "yatush" (Beraishit Rabbah 54) is today usually translated as a mosquito. The idea behind our phrase is that even something as small as an insect, can drive you crazy. Something which we call attest to on any given summer night.

According to the Midrash (Gittin 56b), a mosquito entered Titus' head through his ear, grew and eventually caused him to go insane, as punishment for destroying the Temple. The phrase is used to refer to something disturbing, which does not give rest, to the point of endangering mental or even physical health.

כמו היתוש של טיטוס, כך מעסיק העיתונאי את ראש הממשלה.

"Kemo hayatush shel Titus, kach ma'asik ha'itona'i et Rosh Ha'memshala."

Like Titus' mosquito, the reporter is obsessed with the Prime Minister.

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