Passing Phrase -

Yoresh Etzer

Literally: Heir to the Rule
Idiomatically: Heir / Regent / Crown Prince

The phrase is based on Judges (12:7) referring to a hereditary ruler. A "yoresh" is someone who inherits, and comes from the root י'ר'ש, yud-resh-shin (Jeremiah 49:1). "Etzer" from the root ע'צ'ר ayin-tzadik-reish meaning to stop (Judges 13:15) or restrict. Though the phrase has Biblical sources (Judges 18:7, Samuel I 9:17), the question arises what does "etzer" have to do with it. The idea of "etzer" signifying ruling, can be found in Samuel I (9:17) and in the Talmud (Avodah Zara 71a), with common understanding is that a ruler sets boundaries or imposes restrictions. You can even find the word implying "hindering freedom" (Kings II 17:4) which unfortunate is true of many leaders.

In contrast - I saw a cute post announcing the birth of the first child of a friend:

נולד לנו יורש עצר.
"Nolad lanu yoresh etser."
An heir was born to us.

Definitely sounds better in Hebrew.

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