Passing Phrase -

(Devarim Haomdim) Berumo Shel Olam

Literally: (Matters that are Standing) On Top of the World
Idiomatically: Matters of the utmost importance

The word "Rumo" comes from the root resh-vav-mem meaning something high up (Proverbs 25:3). This phrase can be used both as is, or in a sarcastic manner. The Talmud (Berachot 6b) has a discussion which begins:

אילו דברים שעומדים ברומו של עולם ובני אדם מזלזלין בהן.

"Ailu devarim she-omdim berumo shel olam, u'bnei adam mezalzalim bahen." These are matters which are of utmost importance and people disparage them.

Today you may find it in a headline: יש קרב ברומו של עולם על מעמדו של בג״ץ.

"Yesh krav beרumo shel olam al ma'amado shel Bagatz." There is a battle of utmost importance on the status of the Supreme Court.

Whether it is written as sarcasm or as something of actual importance I leave up to the reader.

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