Passing Phrase -

Hagolem Kam Al Yotsro

Literally: The golem rose up onto his creator
Idiomatically: Blows up in your face / situation gets out of hand

This phrase denotes the danger inherent when you create something that may backfire on you. This phrase, as you may suspect, is based on the story of the Golem of Prague created by Rabbi Judah Lowe (the Ma'ha'ral) in the late 16th century. The word "golem" is usually translated as a cocoon or a shapeless mass and can actually be found in Psalms (139:16) and in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 38b). According to the legend, every Friday before Shabbat the Maharal used to take out the holy paper that animated him but one Friday night he forgot, and the golem wreaked havoc in the area forcing the Maharal to permanently destroy him.

בוא נבחן את הרגולציה בעיניים של היום לפני שהגולם קם על יוצרו.

"Bo nivchan et haregulatzia be'einayim shel hayom lifnei shehagolem kam al yotzro."

Let us examine the regulations in today's reality before the situation gets out of hand.

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