Passing Phrase -

Bechol Rega Natun

Literally and Idiomatically: At any given moment

The word "natun" means given – based on the root, נ'ת'נ nun-taf-nun. It is the passive form of "latet" – לתת – to give, and can be found in the Jerusalem Talmud (Succah 53a).

In the phrase "bechol rega natun", the word "rega" functions as time: The phrase means at any given time, or literally, at every given moment. As my accountant preaches:

כדאי לדעת את מצבכם הפיננסי בכל רגע נתון.

"Kedai lada'at et matzavchem hafinancy bechol rega natun."

It's good to know your financial situation at any given moment.

Which can sometimes be depressing

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