Passing Phrase -


Literally: Like the "kikayon" plant
Idiomatically: Transient / ephemeral / fly-by-night

The "kikayon" is the plant that is found in Jonah (4:6), possibly the ‏"Ricinus Communis" aka castor oil plant. However, some believe it was a type of pumpkin with large leaves which grew very quickly and then dried up. Our phrase is actually two words placed together, "kik" + "yoni." It can be found in the Talmud (Shabbat 21a) as "קיקיון דיונה" "kikayon di'yona." Jonah's "kikayon" was part of a discussion as to whether it can be used to light the Shabbat lamps. When something is "kikyoni" it blooms quickly and dies away just as fast. It is often used to demean political parties or organizations:

הוא ארגון קיקיוני שלא מייצג אף אחד - חוץ מעצמם.

"Hu irgun kikyoni shelo meyatseg af achad – chuts mei'atzmam."

It is a transient organization that does not represent anyone – except for themselves.

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