Passing Phrase -

Boker tov Eliyahu

Literally: Good morning Elijah
Idiomatically: Now you wake up

You don't say! (sarcastic)

"Boker tov" – "Good morning", is one of the first phrases anyone learns in Hebrew. Add the word or rather the name "Eliyahu," and you get a wonderful sarcastic twist, having nothing to do with the time of day. It may be similar to English, when you are trying to explain something again and again without success. Then finally, the "ah-ha" moment. Your reaction: "Ahh now you wake up!" You may even say sarcastically "good morning!"

So why the name Eliyahu? Dr. Ruvik Rosental claims that it originated in the town of Safed where they used to wake people up for early prayers during the month of Elul. One person, Eliyahu Slonim, must have had difficulty getting up and so they began to wake everyone up with the same call, "Boker tov Eliyahu."

The phrase is usually used on its own. For example: When a team manager announced a change in lineup after a five game losing streak the reaction was universally "Boker Tov Eliyahu" even though the coach's name is Yossi.

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