Passing Phrase -

Lo Roeh Mimeter

Literally: Don’t see (him/it) from a meter
Idiomatically: To discount or ignore someone or something

This modern and rude slang is simply one of contempt. The word "meter" is similar to the English and is taken from the Greek "metron" which is 100cm or roughly a yard. It is modern and very similar to the phrase אני לא סופר אותך - "Ani lo sofer otcha" - I don’t even count you (or what you have to say). Seemingly, you are transparent, and I don’t take you into consideration at all. In other words, I ignore your existence. One of my friends claims that it sounds like a horror movie about teenagers and their relationship with parents.

Remember, there is a difference if you use it as slang which is bad manners, or if you use it literally like I do – meaning I can't find my glasses – again.

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