Passing Phrase -

Lo Ovrim Leseder Hayom

Literally: Not passing over to the agenda
Idiomatically: Not to be taken lightly

"Seder Hayom" is a schedule or agenda. "Seder" as we have seen in many other phrases refers to putting something in order (Berachot 48b), and yes as we have pointed out many times that it is reflected in the "seder" of Pesach. The idea of a schedule can itself be found in the Talmud (Yoma 1:3). Our phrase refers to an item brought up at a meeting or in any other forum, which is important and should not just be passed over:

ראש הממשלה: "לא עוברים לסדר היום מול מעשי התוקפנות של איראן".

Rosh Hamemshala: "Lo ovrim leseder hayom mul ma'asei hatokpanut shel Iran."

Prime Minister: "We will not take the Iranian acts of aggression lightly."

Of course we the Iranians have their own agenda and it does not bode good for anyone

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