Passing Phrase -

Halach Le'ibud

Literally: Went missing
Idiomatically: Got lost (also figuratively), became overwhelmed

The word "halach" is usually translated as to go somewhere (Genesis 18:16). "Ibud" is Aramaic (Avodah Zara 33a), but originates from the word "avad"אבד meaning something that you cannot find (Samuel I 8:3). There are two ways to look at this phrase: First, to take it literally which can happen if your Waze app isn’t working, or if you actually lose your phone:

הסמארטפון שלי הלך לאיבוד.

"Hasmartphon sheli halach le'ibud."

My smartphone is missing.

The other is to lose you way mentally as I do when my son is trying to explain how a Bitcoin works:

הלכתי לאיבוד בתוך השיעור, ולא הבנתי כלום.

"Halachti le'ibud betoch hashi'ur velo heivanti klum."

I got lost in middle of the lecture and didn’t understand anything

If I misplace my glasses (for the third time today) I guess it’s a combination of both.

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