Passing Phrase -

Bushah Ve'Cherpa

Literally: An embarrassment and a shame
Idiomatically: A disgrace / a crying shame

Both of these words have a similar meaning. "Bushah" (Obadiah 1:10) and "Cherpah" (Genesis 34:14) both mean a shame/embarrassment/disgrace. As we have seen many times when a phase is doubled it gives it greater emphasis. This phrase can be found in the Midrash Tanchuma (Shemini 7). Although the origin refers to the effects of wine, today it is used to describe something really disgraceful

ההשתוללות במשחק כדור רגל הייתה בושה וחרפה.

"Ha'hishtolelut bamischak kaduregel hayta bushah ve'cherpah." The unruly behavior at the football game was disgraceful.

And that was without wine - or beer.

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