Passing Phrase -

Misrat Imun

This is a legal term referring to someone who has a position where they have to make decisions for others whether it be a child or any vulnerable population. It also refers to anyone who has authority over someone else financially or otherwise. This is a modern phrase and is taken from the English.

The word misrah meaning a position can be found in Isaiah(9:5). The root is ש'ר'י or Sin–resh-yud.

It can also be found in some dictionaries with a hey in the end sin-resh-hey ש'ר'ה'. Both are correct.

According to the Academy for the Hebrew Language the word misrat may be related to the word שר "sar" - minister, even though the root there is ש'ר'ר'

"Imun" or "aimun" refers to one who is loyal and trusted. (Deut.32:20; Psalms 31:22).

מנכ"ל זו משרת אמון של השר.

"Mancal zu misrat imun shel hasar."

The director general is a position of trust for the minister.

Naturally that does not mean of course that the minister is a position of trust for the prime minister or for the people for that matter.

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