Passing Phrase -

Lavo Bidrishot

Literally: To come with demands
Idiomatically: To demand; to make demands

"And what does God demand from you" asked Micha the prophet (6:8). The same root Daled-resh-shin ד'ר'ש' has other meanings as well including to investigate (Deut.13:15), to teach (Ezra 7:10 ), or to lecture (Isaiah 8:19). The word "Drisha" as in our phrase can be also found in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 4:1). Our phrase is referring to someone who enters a meeting or situation with demands.

אי אפשר לבוא בדרישות לאחרים ללא הדוגמא האישית.

"Ei efshar lavo im drishot le'acherim lelo hadugma ha'ishit."

You cannot make demands of others without a personal example.

(see also Derishat Shalom)

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