Passing Phrase -

Ketser Batikshoret

Literally: A short in communication
Idiomatically: A lapse in communication / communication breakdown

The word "ketzer" is based on the rootק'צ'ר kuf-tsadik-resh which means to cut off or shorten (Leviticus 23:10). The phrase is taken from another expression – קצר חשמלי ("ketzer chashmali") – literally, a short circuit. The word "tikshoret" comes from the root "kesher"ק'ש'ר kuf- shin-resh meaning a connection (Samuel I 22:8). The word can also mean a knot or something tied together (Deut. 6:8). When someone has a "ketser batikshoret" there is literally a short in the communications.

נוצר קצר בתקשורת – שני הצדדים לא מסוגלים להבין זה את זה.

"Notsar kesher batikshoret – shnei hatsdadim lo mesugalim lehavin zeh et zeh." A communication breakdown occurred- both parties are not able to understand each other.

Sad but true.

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