Passing Phrase -

Gechalim Lochashot

Literally: Whispering coals
Idiomatically: The last Mohican / a remnant of a dwindling group

This is a modern phrase: The word "gachelet" denoting coals can be found in Isaiah (47:14).While "locheshet" comes from "lachash" (Berachot 22a) meaning to whisper. In its plain meaning, the phrase simply refers to red-hot coals that are slowly burning but have no longer are surrounded by flames. The phrase can be used to describe a situation where there is a small but still active remnant (the embers).

Another more poetic usage as in a vanishing remote group can be found in Chaim Nachman Bialik's long poem Hamatmid (The Talmud Student):

עוד הותיר אלקינו לפליטה גדולה גחלת לוחשת בערמת הדשן.

"Od hotir Eloheinu liflaitah gedolah gachelet locheshet ba'araimat hadashen."

"In cities where our God a remnant spared,
As 'twere a glowing coal amid the ashes."

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