Passing Phrase -

B'li Neder

Literally: Without a promise
Idiomatically: No commitment / Don't count on it

Here we have a very popular phrase used for generations. "B'li," means without (Job 24:10), and "neder" means a promise (Numbers 21:2) or a pledge (Judges 11:30). The phrase is used whenever you want to put a rider on any promise you make. It may be hard to make out the exact words of this phrase for two reasons: One - often both words are combined to sound like "blineder," and two, it is usually said in a quieter tone, under your breath, and at the end of a sentence so that (hopefully) it may be missed. Like my wife asking me to repaint the kitchen for the sixth time. "Sure dear, I will do it later this week - b'lineder."

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